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You may have some questions about how to book and costs. Best to get in touch. The FAQs below will fill as people ask me stuff…

It is possible – I have the plugins and understand the job but do not have the environment or speakers for a super professional job. Having said that, I can do a budget version that will be quite passable.

Not usually. Mixes can take a couple of days to get right and guitar playing is another distinct skill. If I was working with you as a producer, most would be inclusive.

Yes I do. Zoom is currently the best free  platform for this. Lessons online are 40 min.

None. It has a 99.7% survival rate and the pandemic is over if you look at all the statistics (which I have). Basically, if you don’t feel well, we can postpone without penalty. If I don’t feel well, I’ll cancel the session

We agree on the writer’s split before we start (its the best way) and either remotely or face-to-face we always work toward agreement and if we can’t agree, I suggest we ask 3rd parties we both trust.

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