46 years, 100 plus songs, 60 plus guitars, 2,000 students and 2,500 gigs later...

And I still don’t know what I’m doing hahahahaha….(joke). Friends, this site is for musicians who wish to collaborate or have their songs mixed/produced. If you want to find out if there’s some way I can help your journey please request a Callback.

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You can't let anything get in the way of your dreams...

Being a professional musician for so long, I know what it’s like to have times when you’ve had enough, when you all but give up. It’s happened to me (a few times). And so, I’ve had to learn to fix (and build) my own guitars, record & mix my own tracks, build my own websites etc. etc. All so I can keep making music – and because I know what it’s like – I understand. That’s why you’ll find my prices to be the most competitive around, and a deal can always be reached!

This is me from my last album, Believe. Engineered, mixed & co-produced by triple Grammy-winning Justin Guip in New York state, this is an example of how my dream came true. Why not you?

Keeping the fire alive can be one of the most challenging aspects of a life as a musical artist. There can be a lot of disappointments and a lot of mistakes. I feel that is why it is important to get some guidance – a mentor as it were.  Seek out a good one and keep practising – luck is preparation meeting opportunity! Here’s three tips


Have you ever thought of collaborating in order to finish that masterpiece that is just waiting for that missing ingredient?


Mixing a track well takes expertise, time, and a lot of listening – not only to the track but also the artist!

Guitar Services

Good wood, steel and  pickups should make a good electric guitar. Then why doesn’t my guitar have any sustain?

Fast response times

We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible – we know what it’s like to be kept waiting…

Universal Audio Mic Preamps

Not many small studios have these wonderful mic pres and the fabulous plugins that come with them.

Fast turnarounds

We all want stuff yesterday – so we promise to make YOUR job a priority & tell you if we have a backlog – rather than string you along to keep the job.


If you have a mix to get done and the recording isn’t great we have a HUGE library of drum samples to enhance your track.

Guitar Recordings

We have a selection of great sounding guitars and amps in the studio that will improve any recording!


Being creative is the heart of our business. Being a songwriter & session guitarist for many years, offering ideas to help you with your project is part of our job 

Why Choose Me

When things are a bit tight, we always tend to choose the company that is the least expensive – and hope that they are also good (and won’t rip us off).

I know how important a good mix is to how confident we are about promoting our music. Whether Teaching, Mixing, or Repairing – you will only get my best work, and my  guarantee that I am always striving to do better.


I did my first production course and released my first single in the late 70s!


Writing and recording songs always needs maximum creativity.

Low Cost

Arrange a callback – I will beat any competitor’s price. Guaranteed.

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Music Testimonials

Hey - Believe it or not, this is the first time I have been on your website. It is absolutely awesome!!!
Shawn, Austin, Texas
Hi! You've got a great sound going...love it and can't wait for the new songs! Keep up the good work! I hope you are staying safe and healthy through these unusual times!
Cynthia, Denver
Random surfing brought me here, and your music will bring me back. I've only listened to '"FREE"' so far, it's one of my favorite songs. All the best!
Jennie, Seattle

Here's one of my songs from Believe